Is a person who has recently ended a long-term relationship, even if they believe they are, ready to meet someone?

Before doing anything else, it is advisable to take stock and sit down to mourn the relationship, allowing one to refocus on oneself properly. Evaluate what you want and don’t want any longer, your true ambitions, and why the relationship ended. I can’t press the on/off switch once I’ve loved, so unless I fell in … Read more

What are the signs that a person is right for you?

You can’t be made for someone, in my opinion. And that’s all the better because it would otherwise limit the range of choices. Two persons can be ideally matched and provide harmony and balance. All the while, because they are each distinct, they have commonalities and differences. The key, fundamental points contributing to this harmony … Read more

How do CEOs manage to work for so long?

CEOs work 62.5 hours a week on average. However, this number fluctuates wildly—some people work between 50 and 40 hours each week. However, many people work more than 80 hours every week. According to Elon Musk’s stories, former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer worked more than 120 hours per week. How do they manage to do … Read more

What is the most delicate piece of advice you could give to someone who wants to advance in their career?

Give your superiors ideas that follow these three rules. If your ideas aren’t taken seriously, you’re probably breaking one or more of these three principles. Ideas that will go over well with your bosses (and so lead to increased responsibility sooner or later) are those that: 1. Your organization will use fewer resources (= low … Read more

Is corporate happiness a productivity booster?

Yes. For several years, corporate well-being has been at the centre of the argument for two main reasons: Furniture, flexible hours, living spaces, and other in-kind incentives are examples of the first. All of these approaches are intended to improve employees’ daily lives. The latter is a precise measure of employee happiness and, more importantly, … Read more

What are some cost-effective and innovative marketing strategies for a small business?

It’s likely true that there are inventive ways to start into marketing (mainly digital marketing) on a shoestring budget. It is unquestionably erroneous that these procedures are easily replicable or applicable to most enterprises. This question and the responses offer the idea that a “magic recipe” can be applied to generate a high-performance marketing campaign … Read more

Do you think yoga is beneficial?

Yoga is beneficial; it aids in the maintenance of physical fitness. Yoga has grown in popularity over the last decade. The number of yoga devotees in gyms has increased dramatically. People are as addicted to yoga mats as cigarettes these days. So, what is yoga, exactly? Yoga is a set of physical and mental activities … Read more