Withdrawal from Zaporizhzhia and support for the IAEA by Russia

“Let’s move on with backing for Ukraine’s right to self-defense.”

Because of this, the ministers reiterated at the G7 “their determination to continue supporting Ukraine in exercising its right to defend itself against the invasion of Russia, including by providing military and defense assistance,” as stated in the final document of the ministerial meeting at the Munich Conference, the first under Japanese presidency, which Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also attended. In addition, the G7 emphasizes “the coordinated efforts of the G7+ allies in providing energy assistance to minimize the effects of Russia’s savage strikes on civilians and key infrastructure.”

Kuleba: We’ll have fighters and a quick supply of weaponry

At the press briefing, Kuleba himself said, “My keyword for last year was weaponry. My key phrases for this year are delivery speed and sustainability. To be effective, everything must arrive on time “. He added, “It’s only an issue of timing and protocol; we’ll have the boxers. We will ultimately have fighter planes, though it will take a little longer than with the tanks. The UK will undoubtedly play a role in this “.

They believed we were doomed, but when we stand together, nothing is impossible.

The minister added, “There were those who predicted our demise a year ago. Russia was far too powerful. After a year, we have demonstrated that when we work together, nothing is insurmountable, including with the aid of our allies. Trust us, I say because of this. We’re in it to win it. Put greater faith and trust in us. And we’ll triumph. If you help us, we are not a small group. This war won’t turn into one of those frozen confrontations, in my opinion. One side will triumph, and the other will lose. And I think Ukraine will triumph over Russia.”

We’ll hold Putin accountable for war crimes, says the G7.

The declaration released after the G7 summit states that “there must be no impunity for war crimes and other atrocities, including attacks on civilian populations and infrastructure” and the “forced deportations of Ukrainian people to Russia.” The text also affirms the resolve to “keep and deepen sanctions against Russia to limit its war effort” and “hold all those responsible, including President Putin and the Russian leadership accountable, in accordance with international law.”

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