Weather, stable and mild on February 20, but the rain returns from Wednesday

Atmospheric stability continues, but the days of high pressure are numbered. The trend towards a change in atmospheric circulation is consolidating starting from the middle of the week, with the return of rainfall to our country starting from the central-northern regions. A much more dynamic and disturbed phase, therefore, awaits us, but one that should be read as excellent news given the prolonged absence of significant rain and snowfall and the severe drought which is affecting various regions of Italy (in particular the Northwest where the situation can be defined as extreme).

But let’s go in order: Italy remains below the high-pressure regime at the beginning of the week, and the rather mild air mass accompanying the anticyclone will continue to hold the temperature at unusually high levels for February). The abnormal heat is also felt in the mountains, particularly in the Alps, where the freezing point remains above 3000 metres, up to an altitude of 3600 meters in the western sector. From Tuesday first signs of decreasing high pressure with a gradual but more significant change between Wednesday and Thursday. The uncertainty on the dynamic evolution of the atmosphere is still high. We recommend following the next updates for confirmation and especially for the details.

The weather forecast for Monday, 20 February

Conditions of stable weather. In the morning, with very cloudy skies with layers of overcast, at times, low clouds and fog banks over the Po Valley, Liguria, upper Tuscany, upper Adriatic and in the South. In the afternoon, large clearings with skies in general with little or only partially cloudy. Temperature highs slightly decreasing in the North, almost stationary or slightly increasing elsewhere: values ​​always above the average in most of the country. Venti was mostly weak but reinforced by the mistral wind between the lower Adriatic and Ionian seas.

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The weather forecast for Tuesday, 21 February

In the morning, compact low clouds on the northern plains, on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian sector up to the northwest of Calabria; possible isolated showers or drizzles on Liguria and Tuscany; possible mists in the Po Valley, in the internal and Adriatic sectors of the central regions; mainly sunny in the rest of Italy. In the afternoon, rising mists, brighter clearings in Campania and the northwest of Calabria, and still some drizzle between Liguria and upper Tuscany. The evening rising clouds over much of the North and central regions. 

Temperature without major variations; highs slightly decreasing in Liguria, Tuscany, and Venice and generally still above the norm. Weak winds with some modest from the southern quadrants on Ligurian, western Tyrrhenian, and islands channels—calm or smooth seas.




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