“We are seeking for competition, not conflict with China,” said Joe Biden regarding balloon launches

"We are seeking for competition, not conflict with China," said Joe Biden regarding balloon launches

The American President acknowledges that the Chinese balloons that were shot down were likely headed for study, not espionage. He does not, however, wish to apologise to China.

After three unidentified aeroplanes were shot down over the United States and Canada a few days earlier, the US President issued a statement that furthered the perception of an American overreaction. Joe Biden stated on Thursday in the White House that the exact nature of the three objects is still unknown, but nothing suggests a connection to Chinese espionage. They are “most likely” “connected to private businesses, recreational organisations, or research institutes” “that study the weather or conduct other scientific studies.”

Biden ordered removing one of these airships from the skies on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of last week. The target was then hit by guided missiles fired from fighter jets. He then said, “Out of an excess of caution.” The Washington Post reported that “during a hectic period, the Americans may have utilised advanced weapons to knock down innocuous objects.” The actions came after a Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down the previous weekend off the coast of South Carolina after travelling across the US for days. According to Biden, targets threatening civilians will continue to be shot down.

Sent a direct message

Biden stated, “We do not indicate that the number of objects in the sky suddenly increased. We’re simply observing them more frequently these days, partly due to the measures we’ve taken to improve our radars. He said nothing more specific. A guide “for our attackers to try to bypass our defence” if not, according to Biden, targets that threaten people on the ground or in the air will continue to be shot down. He also defended his decision to shoot the Chinese balloon after it had been delayed, which Republicans had criticised.

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The balloon and the remnants of its instruments were saved, and much could be learnt from it. Its path was extensively monitored, the technology was investigated, and it was closely tracked. The President declared that “we conveyed a clear message, a clear message that disrespecting our sovereignty is unacceptable.” “We’ll take action to safeguard our nation.”

He did not apologise for deflating the balloon; instead, he attempted to defuse the tense situation that had developed with Beijing due to the event and the Pacific tensions. According to Biden, there are open channels of contact, and he will also speak with President Xi of China. “Instead of a confrontation with China, we seek competitiveness. A new Cold War is not what we are searching for.”

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