War between Ukraine and Russia is Today’s top story

Russia has fired 36 missiles, including cruise missiles, towards Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, 16 of which were intercepted. Once Moscow launched the full-scale missile attack on the nation, anti-aircraft alarms wailed throughout the entire night in all locations.

Andriy Yermak, the chairman of the presidency’s cabinet, posted on Telegram that the impacted areas are in the north and west, as well as Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad. He continued by saying that the Russians have started employing dummy warheads to trick Ukraine’s advanced air defence systems. A 79-year-old woman was killed and eight other individuals were hurt in Pavlohrad. Three missiles struck critical infrastructure in the Lviv area.

The Ukrainian authorities reportedly noted “six hostile air objects,” or presumably surveillance balloons, in the Kyiv sky. It was reported by the Ukrainian Air Force. According to the military sources cited by the Guardian, some have been shot down.

Foreign Minister of Israel in Kiev – Eli Cohen, the foreign minister of Israel, is the first senior Israeli official to visit Ukraine since the Russian invasion began a year ago. Cohen’s journey began in Bucha, a district of the Ukrainian capital where Russian forces slaughtered 450 citizens the previous year, as the Times of Israel reported.

The minister stated, “It is impossible to stay oblivious to the scenes and mass graves that we have seen.” When asked if he would criticise Russia, Cohen responded, “We are here on an important visit in solidarity with the Ukrainian people,” according to the Times of Israel. The Nazis slaughtered hundreds of Jews there during World War II, and Cohen afterwards travelled to Babi Yar, a ravine close to Kiev. He lay a wreath, just as he did at Bucha, accompanied by the senior rabbis of Ukraine. Cohen, who unexpectedly arrived from Poland this morning, saw his colleague Dmytro Kuleba and is scheduled to meet with president Volodymyr Zelensky. There will also be a ceremony marking the full reopening of the Israeli embassy in Kiev.

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“Since the commencement of hostilities, I arrived today to see an Israeli minister for the first time. Israel has supported Ukraine and the Ukrainian people this year. In order to improve ties between our two nations, we will hoist the Israeli flag atop the Israeli embassy in Kiev today “a statement made public by Cohen reads.

Israel has attempted to avoid criticising Moscow as little as possible this year in order to preserve the positive ties required for the continuation of raids on Iranian sites in Syria and the protection of the Russian Jewish community. Because to this, only protection gear, such as helmets and bulletproof vests, and minimal humanitarian relief were delivered. The Russians’ use of Iranian drones was reportedly discussed behind the scenes. The next prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, commended his predecessors’ “cautious” approach. Before hearing from Kuleba, Cohen aggravated Kyiv by talking on the phone with his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov.

Netanyahu, who is held accountable for the far-right policies of his administration, now seems to be intensifying his support for Ukraine in an effort to win over America and Europe. The Israeli prime minister said he was willing to send “military things” to Ukraine at his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in early February, according to Times of Israel, but he stressed that he did not want to go too far to irk Moscow.

Zelensky, who is of Jewish origin, called for increased Israeli engagement in a speech to the Knesset delivered online in March. Israel has welcomed many Russian exiles and coordinated missions to rescue Ukrainian Jews, particularly elderly Holocaust survivors. Israel has not complied with Western sanctions against Russia.

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