US-China, Blinken warns Wang of the consequences if Beijing helps Russia


There will be “consequences” if China materially aids Russia in the Ukrainian conflict. At the meeting in Munich, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued this warning to Wang Yi, the leader of China’s diplomacy. Blinken adds via Twitter that he “condemned the raid of the spy balloon” that occurred recently in US skies and “reiterated the need of keeping the lines of communication open.” He continues, “I warned him that must never happen again.

During the security conference, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Wang Yi, the head of the Chinese diplomatic mission, met in Munich. Early in February, Blinken and Wang were scheduled to meet in Beijing. Still, the trip was postponed following the story of the Chinese spy balloon detected over American airspace before being shot down.

The Communist Party Central Foreign Affairs Director and PRC State Councilor Wang Yi met with Secretary Blinken, the State Department said in a statement. Regarding the case of the Chinese spy balloon, Wang described the Biden administration’s response as “absurd and frantic” during his remarks at the Munich conference. “Based on discussions with the Chinese side, we had advised the US to handle it calmly and professionally, he said. Sadly, the US disregarded the appeal and sent fighter jets to shoot down a missile-armed balloon “.

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