Ukrainian Interest in Cluster Munitions: Security Conference

How efforts are being made in Munich to strengthen military help in the conflict against Russia are hampered by issues with the “Leopard 2” delivery, a scarcity of ammunition, and an exploding Ukrainian demand.

How to stop this war is a hot issue in the Munich Bayerischer Hof’s hallways. How can you reach a place where you can negotiate? Who makes a mediation offer? A startling demand from Ukraine to force Vladimir Putin on the bargaining table by tightening the methods exploded during this security conference discussion. Olexander Kubrakow, the deputy prime minister, requests incendiary phosphorous and cluster munitions from the western nations to attack Russia. Millions of bullets from it would be fired at the US and its allies. Every day, Russia employs these weapons. “Why is it not usable? That belongs to us.”

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