Ukraine war: “What a strong signal” – Joe Biden on a surprise visit to Kiev

Ukraine war: “Respect, Mr. President” – Joe Biden on a surprise visit to Kiev

US President Joe Biden travelled to Kyiv without prior public announcement. “A year later, Kiev is there,” Biden said of his visit on Monday. And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands.” Biden met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. His visit is seen as a gesture of solidarity just before the anniversary of the Russian war in Ukraine. “When Putin launched his invasion nearly a year ago, he thought Ukraine was weak and the West divided,” Biden said in a statement. “He thought he could outlive us.”

David Nauer, the foreign editor at Radio SRF, writes on Twitter: “What a strong signal: the USA continues to support Ukraine vigorously.”

The journalist Uwe Westdörp writes: “In Moscow and Beijing, the visit will be carefully noted. Respect, Mr. President.” Journalist Olga Tokariuk writes: «Biden’s presence is a massive sign of US support for Ukraine. The first photos show him paying homage to the memorial wall for the soldiers killed by Russia.”

A Twitter user writes: “Joe Biden surprisingly visits Kiev. Or when you really give the dictator in Moscow the middle finger!”

“Unwavering” support

During his visit to Kyiv, US President Joe Biden pledged additional arms supplies to Ukraine. Biden pledged the country’s “unwavering” support in the war against Russia, the White House said in a statement on Monday. Biden said he would announce the delivery of additional weapons, including artillery ammunition, anti-tank systems and surveillance radars to protect the Ukrainian population against airstrikes.



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