Trier: During a disco operation, police attacked with bars and bottles

The horrific attack on police officers in Trier by disco-goers was met with shock by the federal administration. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated, “Gathering and attacking emergency services with iron bars and bottles demonstrates nothing but raw force, which must be pursued and punished with all severity” (SPD). She praised the police for intervening to safeguard her coworkers. According to deputy government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner in Berlin, the federal government strongly condemns this outbreak of violence. The episode demonstrates why tightening the rule against violence against emergency personnel was a good idea, most recently in 2017. Now, the law must be upheld consistently.

Some 40 people attacked officials violently in Trier on Friday night during a police operation, some brandishing iron bars and glass bottles, according to the police. According to a spokeswoman, the operation in the Rhineland-Palatinate city resulted in at least five police officers being hurt. Two males, 42 and 21, were detained; the other men are still at large.

Just after midnight, the Trier-West nightclub carnival celebration received a contact from the police regarding possible physical harm. There were numerous drunk people and a tense atmosphere, so several patrol cars arrived. Some onlookers were attacking the police as the facts were being recorded. The Trier police have not yet offered detailed information regarding what started the escalation. Pepper spray was used to “with enormous effort” fend off the onslaught, according to the police.

About 40 people gathered at the same time to attack the officers. “Iron bars, glass bottles, brooms, and shovels” were used in the attacks on the police officers. A man threw even a shopping cart in the officers’ direction. According to the statement, “this produced a life-threatening situation for the rescue personnel, who were outnumbered.” The situation didn’t calm down until an officer fired two warning shots into the air, at which point the police officers were able to remove their injured comrades.

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In a press release, Trier police chief Christian Hamm stated, “I have never encountered such an outbreak of violence towards emergency services during my term as head of the Trier police station.” A gang of violent criminals has come together to target and harm police officers only because they are present.

Michael Ebling (SPD), the interior minister for Rhineland-Palatinate, denounced the unrest. He said, “The brutality and lack of restraint of the attacks in Trier is stunned and indignant.” According to Ebling, there was no “particular explanation” for the escalation. To investigate the attack, the Trier police headquarters has established a distinctive organizational structure. He said, “The offenders ought to suffer the full force of the law.”

Five cops, according to the Trier police, were injured and were unable to continue working. They allegedly received outpatient care at the hospital.

A significant breach of the peace, attempted prisoner release, attempted bodily harm, and resistance to law enforcement officers are all under investigation by the police.

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