The US soldiers capture Islamic State’s official


Neither Americans serving overseas nor civilians were hurt in operation.
A local Islamic State (IS) leader was taken in Syria on Saturday by American helicopter forces fighting alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to the US military.

This representative, known as Batar, was “According to the United States military command for the Middle East, these individuals are preparing attacks on detention facilities and creating improvised explosive devices (Centcom). According to Centcom, neither US military personnel nor civilians were killed or hurt during the operation. An earlier operation in which an IS senior named Hamza al-Homsi was killed in northeastern Syria had left four American soldiers injured on Thursday evening, according to Centcom “supervised the lethal terror network of the group in eastern Syria.

Several hundred US soldiers stationed in northeastern Syria as part of the anti-jihadist coalition have continued to combat with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, which the Kurds dominate) and target suspected ISIS members since the territorial defeat of IS in Syria in 2019. The final IS fighters in Syria have generally fled to desert hiding places after losing their last area to regional Kurdish-led and coalition-backed forces in 2019. in the country’s east.

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