The United States is once again chasing UFOs rather than Santa Claus

The United States is once again chasing UFOs rather than Santa Claus

Instead of Santa Claus, the US is now chasing UFOs.

The Chinese spy balloon has electrified the Americans; the Air Force is firing missiles at suspicious missiles. How seriously should this be taken? “All right, America,” the latest episode of the USA podcast, has the answers.

What on earth is going on in the skies above the United States? The question motivates not only Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader but the entire country. Four times in eight days, US fighter jets shot down objects in the sky perceived as a threat by the White House. The only thing that is reasonably clear is the origin of the Chinese spy balloon that crashed into the Atlantic off the coast of South Carolina.

Norad air traffic control, previously known primarily for its advertising campaign documenting Santa’s flight with reindeer and sleigh before Christmas, has risen to prominence. However, Norad has recently discovered a slew of unexplained missiles over the United States. There is also renewed discussion about the more than 500 sightings of unexplained phenomena, which are being investigated by a new special department of the Ministry of Defense. Why are Americans looking for UFOs once more? Is there any evidence that the flying objects could be extraterrestrial?

What information is available about the three missiles that were shot down?

The events in the United States have also raised questions of a more mundane nature. What is known about the three missiles launched in response to the Chinese balloon? Are the Americans now launching missiles at anything moving above them? And what does this mean for the tense relationship between the two world powers, the United States and China? In the current episode of the podcast “Alles Klar, Amerika?”, “Bund” editor-in-chief Isabelle Jacobi and USA correspondent Fabian Fellmann discuss this. The latest episode of the Tamedia podcast on US politics was produced by Laura Bachmann.

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