Superbonus, the government sees businesses and banks: here are the hypotheses on the table. Cdp intervention is being evaluated

The government’s will is to untie the knot of problem loans of real estate bonuses involving all interested parties. The hypotheses on the table – securitization or compensation through the F24 models presented in the bank – are currently only requests made by the various parties.

The tables scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, 20 February, at Palazzo Chigi with companies and banks will serve precisely to listen to the needs of the various players in the field and to evaluate their proposals. Then the choices will be made by looking at the costs and Eurostat decisions on public finances, with changes that can only come during the parliamentary discussion on the Superbonus decree.

Sources: no changes from the government but ready to listen

An interim meeting is scheduled. On the eve of the summit, government sources outlined what the executive’s strategy will be: “no changes to the legislative decree”, which blocks sales and discounts on the invoice for building bonuses, a super bonus in the lead, but the willingness to “listen” to financial subjects and business categories involved. Other sources added that the substance of the law stays the same, but the technicians are working to study formulas that can solve the problem of problem loans.

Rixi, at the Cdp intervention study

Speaking on the sidelines of the conference “Urban regeneration: beyond the past, the new Liguria”, the deputy minister at MIT, Edoardo Rixi, explained that “intervention by the CDP is one of the hypotheses under study. It is clear that the first thing anyone in charge of public finance in a country must do is recover all the credits to understand how many are to be paid – he continued -. After that, the government’s intention is to meet the payment to businesses, which up to now was blocked in any case, because the banks no longer intended to pay the loans fearing for their balance sheets”.

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All involved

The kick-off on possible changes will be represented by the meetings of these hours at Palazzo Chigi. There will be the entrepreneurial categories involved, starting with that of the builders, but first, the financial subjects involved will sit down in the Green Room: the ABI, representing the banking system; Cdp, as an economical operating arm but also for its role of control of the Post Office; Sace, which has already played an important role of “guarantee” on loans disbursed to give oxygen to businesses during the lockdown phase. The decree has already traced the demarcation line of the intervention: the stop on the assignment of future credits facilitates the disposal of past ones. But this is not enough for companies and banks. So Sace takes the field and could strengthen public guarantees.



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