Should “Nord Stream” be distracted by UFOs?


Conspiracy theorists contend that UFOs should divert attention away from the “Nord Stream” because of this.

There is scant information on the flying objects that were shot down above North American airspace, and the episodes look strange from an official standpoint. Instead, there is plenty room for conjecture, and conspiracy theorists are busy.

It is its main focus

  • Four aircraft were shot down over North America, which has created a wave of rumours.
  • It is thought that the manoeuvre is a diversion.
  • To divert attention from other problems, US Vice President Joseph Biden fired down the flying objects.
  • According to US leaker Edward Snowden, the US is attempting to divert attention away from the Seymour Hersh report on the Nord Stream pipeline.
  • According to experts, Snowden fell for the “cui bono” trap.

The most recent shooting down of a flying object in North American airspace occurred on Sunday, making a total of four. A Chinese balloon the size of two or three buses was one of the items.

This is true of “meteorological research,” Beijing verified. Otherwise, it still needs to be understood what is hiding the detected flying objects. Only that the items posed no threat was disclosed by the Pentagon. Where they originated from and what they might have been used for were left up in the air by the Ministry of Defense.

The speculative sauce is now boiling. US President Joe Biden may have launched the flying objects to divert attention away from other matters by launching them, such as immigration, inflation, the Russian war of aggression, and investigations into the president’s son Hunter Biden, according to conspiracy theorists.

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Similar accusations circulated on Twitter and Facebook and were mostly made on websites frequented by far-right extremists:

  • The Military and the White House utilised the craft to conceal a chemical accident at Ohio State. An accident involving a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals happened earlier this month.
  • The balloon’s delayed launch by Biden shows that the US President is working closely with China. Biden has been charged with even approving the shooting down of foreign aircraft because they might have been carrying biological or nuclear weapons in earlier jobs.
  • The possibility that the flying objects were created by extraterrestrial life has also been raised. The press secretary for Biden felt the need to stress that the shooting down of the flying objects was not linked to “aliens or extraterrestrial operations.”

The hypothesis of a US diversionary approach is also being circulated by US whistleblower Edward Snowden: the US is attempting to eliminate the flying objects by shooting them down, according to journalist Seymour Hersh’s Nord-Stream-Message. As a result, the US is thought to be responsible for the purported pipeline sabotage.

Snowden was a victim of the cui bono trap.

Josef Holnburger of the German think tank Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy believes that this is not possible because there are also good reasons to have questions about Hersh’s story. Snowden fell victim to the “cui bono” trap after dabbling in conspiracy theories since fleeing to Russia (“who benefits from it”).

The alleged beneficiaries are named as potential offenders in an unexplained event. According to Holnburger, “with this strategy, people frequently simply hunt for arguments that support their own position.” It is being sought trends and examples as to why the US government may and should be held accountable for it right now rather than blaming the media economy for why this topic is receiving such attention.

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Complicated circumstances and information gaps

James Ludes, director of the Pell Institute for International Affairs at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island, promised that “there will be an investigation, and we will discover more.”

“Until then, the story will be a playing field for people who are interested in speculation or who want to stir things up for some reason.” The speculations circulating on the Internet showed what the combination of complex global political events and missing information can achieve.

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