Reporters Bosco and Sceresini were denied entry to Ukraine in Kyiv. “The Farnesina is active,” declared the journalists’ order

Alfredo Bosco and Andrea Sceresini, two journalists working in Ukraine to cover the crisis, had their press credentials revoked by the Kyiv government last year. This hinders them from travelling freely throughout the nation, they claimed in a letter, “particularly in the places near the front, and there is a genuine possibility of being caught at the first checkpoint.” In Kyiv, the authorities initially stated that the Sbuthe Security Service of Ukraine, a Kramatorsk, would question them next. But, they have not heard from anyone since then and remain banned. We are now unaware of the official justifications for the authorities’ notification. Even still, according to Bosco e Sceresini, “rumors that have circulated among the many Ukrainians who operate in the Donbas – and of whom we have written proof – imply that we are “collaborators of the enemy,” an accusation that in a conflict zone can have very significant repercussions.”

Charles Bartoli, president of the National Council of the Order of Journalists, requests that the Farnesina take action to solve the case by requesting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “ascertain the situation and guarantee the two compatriots conditions of safety and practicability to be able to carry out their work.” The “Ukrainian” security services should question the two journalists because they have published reports on the situation in the Donbas, according to lawyer Alessandra Ballerini, who represents them and published a letter on the Article21 website, according to Bartoli. The Movimento 5 Stelle MEP Sabrina Pignedoli, who views “the revocation of accreditations by the Ukrainian government as a major breach of journalistic freedom,” also requested her intervention. And keep in mind, “On February 14 of last year, another Italian journalist, Salvatore Garzillow, was barred from entering Ukraine through Poland, and in 2022, Lorenzo Giroffi suffered a same fate. The two reporters have been stranded in Kiev for two weeks. He ends by requesting that the institutions of the European Union speak out in this matter, which involves the freedom of the press and the right to information “.

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