“Out of the bundles from schools”. Thus the left demands ideological supremacy

In the few certainties of this country, one is adamant: the left demands and demands ideological supremacy in schools. Violence must always be condemned, and what happened in Florence is execrable, but the narration by a certain press linked to left-wing circles turned out to be incomplete and hasty, therefore biased. An attempt was immediately made to find the “bundle” to be condemned by excluding the facts from the context. The left’s attitude has been different concerning the anarchist violence of recent weeks, against which very few voices have risen to condemn.

Strengthened by a narration of the facts that has now established itself without the possibility of change, not even in front of the evidence of the facts, the red movements of Florence are organizing themselves to bring a demonstration to the streets tomorrow, February 21, against the right-wing organizations of the city. The stated goal, not too disguised, is to make those who think differently from them disappear.

An attempt to gag and erase the ideological counterpart in schools, to have free space for the usual red propaganda that indoctrinates the very young. The event’s name is not new: “Out of bundles from schools”. This is a refrain of what has already been seen on other occasions, especially in universities, where the collectives supported by social centres claim that the spaces inside public universities are destined exclusively for events organized by the left. And the same happens in high schools. The demonstration is the social centres that enter the occupied schools to teach the no Tav struggle and anti-fascist boxing.

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“For closing all fascist dens, for the closure of the Casaggì office in via Frusa 37, for the closure of the Casapound offices, let’s go down to the square together on Tuesday, February 21 to take back the spaces that these shits are trying to steal from us. We will shout our demands: for a school, for a city, for a world free from fascism”, reads the message of the Studentə Autorganizatə Firenze (with the schwa) for the demonstration in the park of Viale Malta in Florence.

Implicitly, in their message, the left students admit that they want to completely erase divergent thinking: “This morning, a group of fascists belonging to Student Action and Casaggì showed up in front of the Michelangelo high school under the pretext of handing out leaflets. The now ritual basket was placed in front of the entrance, to make sure that no one could even look at what they were trying to spread”., in their reconstruction, all the responsibilities are placed on those who are called “ratsBut the videos that have been released prove that the truth is not exactly what is being told.



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