North Korea launched an unidentified ballistic missile from Seoul

Military drills and tests using increasingly destructive and lethal missiles and bombs are becoming more common. From Kim Jong-ballistic un’s missiles to Sarmat, which can reach European capitals in minutes from Russia, here are the latest military innovations.

With the war in Ukraine, there are more and more exercises anywhere in the world for testing increasingly lethal weapons. The most recent news comes from North Korea, which launched “an unidentified bullet towards the Sea of Japan” on May 4.

The Seoul military is reporting the truth. And the fourteenth display of strength since the start of the year. The Joint Staff Command in Seoul said that details of the operation, such as weapon types, trajectory, and launch altitude, are being worked out. According to the Japanese coast guard, it could be a ballistic missile.

There are real concerns that the North will continue to carry out provocations, such as testing an ICBM or a guided tactical weapon. Kim Jong-un pledged last week to accelerate the development of his country’s nuclear arsenal, declaring that nuclear deterrence was no longer sufficient.

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