Macron declares in Munich that he is “ready for a prolonged fight”

To go towards meaningful conversations, which still need to be added to the schedule, the French PresidentPresident wants to further up his assistance for Ukraine.

To the shock of the European political elites there, President Putin delivered a vehement address in 2007 at the prestigious Munich Security Conference, which has long been referred to as the Davos of defence. The Russian PresidentPresident has criticised this “unipolar world,” which was ruled by a single king and master.

2008 saw the firing of the first shots in the war in Georgia, followed by the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. But, only the nations of Central and Eastern Europe were able to hear the era’s echo. With its giant blue and yellow posters reminding everyone that Ukraine and Westerners share the same boat, the Bayerischer Hof hotel has this year been renovated in the national colours of Ukraine. Russian officials were ejected from the capital of Bavaria by Vladimir Putin’s war.
Retaliation by Russia

Emmanuel Macron announced a minor shift in his Russian policy at the time of the initial evaluation, one year after the war began. He gave an explicit speech about France’s objectives after his precise formulas—don’t “humiliate” Russia and provide him “security guarantees”—shocked the Ukrainians and their supporters in Eastern Europe. This conflict cannot and must not be won by Russia… He said, “Russian aggression must fail. The French President, who “adapts to the circumstances,” according to one of his relatives, had initially anticipated that the war would finish quickly but had realised that it was vital to get ready for a struggle “long term.” Russia is a long way from being the first step of the enormous staircase leading to peace because it “did not digest the demise of the Soviet empire” and is seeking revenge by working towards the “crazy fantasy” of reconstituting it. “It must endure… We are prepared to step up our efforts, he declared.

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But while paying heed to the formulations, Emmanuel Macron did not stray from his support for Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The Élysée had been emphasising phrases like the need for “a victory of Ukraine and a loss from Russia” for a few days before that point. This was not the situation in Munich with Emmanuel Macron. War and peace always go hand in hand with the French PresidentPresident, just like with Tolstoy. The conditions and terms of peace must now be prepared, he said. “None of us will change the geography; Russia will always be on the European continent,” he remembers saying at the outset of the conflict. So, without resolving the Russian question, there can be no enduring and all-encompassing peace on the continent.

Emmanuel Macron, who hasn’t spoken to Vladimir Putin since the attacks on September 11, acknowledges this and says, “Now is not the moment for dialogue.” Yet his objective is to “push Russia to come to the negotiating table on Ukraine’s terms,” repeating his political and military support for Kyiv. We get the impression that he is eager to work for this peace that neither Vladimir Putin, the aggressor, nor Volodymyr Zelensky, the victim, want right now but that he knows will arrive “on time.” Working to win back the faith of the “Sud global, which does not criticise the attack against Russia, is one approach to getting it ready upstream. Macron has insisted that Europe must take a seat at the bargaining table despite his repeated statements that he wished to make France a “power of mediation.” And he responds, “I do not believe for a second in the “changing regime,” to those in Eastern Europe who think that peace, or at least a lasting peace, cannot come as long as Vladimir Putin is in power.

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Strategic independence

Volodymyr Zelensky witnessed a parade of the memorable photographs and movies of the first year of the conflict via videoconference from Kyiv while listening to Schubert being played on the conference room piano. The damage done to the cities of his nation and the injuries suffered by the civilian populace. Instead of talking about peace and diplomacy, the PresidentPresident of Ukraine stressed the need to militarily “destroy Russia.” He said, “There is no alternative,” to cheers. Also, he encouraged Ukraine’s partners to speed up the delivery of more armaments. Putin makes an effort to buy time. We must move quickly. To lower Russian potential, we must act quickly when delivering weapons and making decisions. Speed is the only option since, as was already stated, life depends on it. In 2023, he wants to advance more quickly and bring triumph to his nation. He is likely concerned about the capacity of Westerners to withstand the onslaught of Russian soldiers promised by the Kremlin’s announced mobilisation, as well as the capacity of the Ukrainian army to do so. He visited Munich in 2022 in search of “Western commitment” to confront the military danger posed by Russia. “At the time, I only acquired it following the Soviet invasion of us.” Before it’s too late, he now requests tanks, fighter jets, ammo, and missiles.

But do Ukraine’s Western friends share the same sense of urgency? No, since he is bound by the limitations of European defences and armies, as well as by fears of Russian reactions to a more significant commitment from Europe and the United States, as well as by fears of the turmoil that may follow Vladimir Putin’s departure. Emmanuel Macron has started a new plea to his partners to persuade them that European defence does not function on NATO’s flowerbeds. Strategic autonomy is one of Emmanuel Macron’s top foreign policy ambitions. “We must increase our capacity to create on European soil and reinvest in our defence.” The “reset” needs to be both “mental” and “material.” Will Europe and France ever catch up?

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