Lamar Johnson was wrongfully imprisoned in Missouri for 28 years (USA)

Lamar Johnson was wrongfully imprisoned in Missouri for 28 years (USA)

Lamar Johnson (50), an innocent man imprisoned for 28 years, has been released.

Another egregious example of malpractice in the United States: Lamar Johnson, now 50, was convicted of murder at the age of 22 on flimsy evidence.

That is what it is all about.

  • Lamar Johnson, then 22, was sentenced to life in prison by a court in a southern US state in 1995.
  • His conviction was the result of dubious testimony.
  • He was acquitted in a new trial but will not receive any restitution.

After decades of deliberation, a Missouri judge has overturned a man’s murder conviction. Lamar Johnson, 50, had been in prison for nearly 28 years before the verdict on Tuesday. He had always maintained that he did not murder in 1994. Johnson closed his eyes and shook his head slightly as the verdict was reversed. “It’s unbelievable,” he exclaimed in front of reporters in the courthouse lobby. He expressed gratitude to everyone who had contributed to his release.

Lamar Johnson spoke the truth 28 years ago.

Prosecutor Kim Gardner asked for Johnson’s release in August. Her office concluded that Johnson had told the truth about his innocence after investigating with the assistance of the Innocent Project organisation. She praised the decision on Tuesday.

Johnson was convicted of the murder of Marcus Boyd, 25, in 1994. Phillip Campbell, his alleged accomplice, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to only seven years in prison. Johnson, on the other hand, insisted on his innocence. Furthermore, after a few months in prison, he received a letter from the actual perpetrator, James Howard, in which he acquitted Johnson and revealed the location of the ski masks and weapons used in the murder. Even though Johnson forwarded the letter to the appropriate judge, Nothing happened.

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The conviction is the result of a Neo-Nazi prisoner and a corrupt cop.

The case was reopened in 2019 after Johnson’s attorneys contacted prosecutor Kimberly M. Garner. In 2022, a new trial was held, during which shocking information was revealed. Johnson was convicted partly because a white, obviously racist fellow prisoner with a swastika tattoo told him in jail that Johnson had confessed to him about the crime. Johnson was also killed by a statement made in court by Greg Elking, who had become an eyewitness to the murder: Elking stated in court that a corrupt police officer had pushed him heavily to “recognise” Johnson. In addition, he was paid $4,000 in “witness compensation” for his testimony.

Today was a happy day, according to Johnson’s attorneys. But “Nothing can make up for what the state has taken from him (Johnson). Nothing can make up for the nearly three decades he spent away from his daughters and family.” Johnson will not receive state compensation; he is currently being crowdfunded, so he will not be released penniless. Missouri has released 52 wrongfully convicted people since 1992.

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