Is Russia relying on gamers now? : Ukraine war

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, everyone has been talking about Die Wagner’s mercenary group. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s outfit, known as “Putin’s cook,” occasionally asserted itself as the main driving force in various regions of Ukraine, such as in the war for Bakhmut. Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin declared in January 2023 that he would once again primarily rely on conventional forces from the Russian army; this should halt Prigozhin’s ascent. Prisoners may no longer be drafted going forward.

Because of this, Propaganda Method, a Wagner ensemble led by Prigozhin, has extended as a live webcast on VK Play Live events. The site, which serves as the Russian equivalent of Twitch, hosted the “PMC Wagner Center – Russia vs. Nato” live stream at the start of January, which was streamed on gamer “GrishaPutinchannel. “‘s

I’ve played for more than 7000 hours already

The streamer, who claims to be sixteen years old and speaks German, Russian, and English, is regarded as “Hearts of Iron 4’s” second-best player. The video game Grisha allegedly spent more than 7000 hours playing takes place during World War II and is a worldwide strategy game. Grisha used so-called mods, or extra features or content not created by the game’s creator, to play as Russia in the broadcast versus other players playing as different NATO nations.

Given the two opposing sides, the virtual war, which lasted about four hours, was undoubtedly inspired by the crisis in Ukraine. Although this conflict has been going on for almost a year, the Kremlin has been unable to accomplish any of its primary objectives, including taking complete control of Luhansk or the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

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There was a commotion in the area where Grisha poured from. A Russian flag is painted on a wall behind him, and he is dressed in a Russian military outfit with a helmet and the “Z” badge. The Wagner Group’s different emblems can be seen on the glass windows of the building right next to it. It is logical to suppose that Grisha was broadcasting from the mercenary squad’s brand-new St. Petersburg headquarters, which opened for business in November 2022.

Central Europe is also included in some of it

Unlike in real life, Ukraine is an easy target for conquest in the game, where Grisha launches his first offensive. Moreover, Poland and the early portions of Central Europe fall fast. Videos of apparently victorious Russian troops battling in Ukraine are intermittently presented. Afterwards, many nuclear missiles were fired, striking significant cities, including London, Madrid, Paris, and Warsaw. The negotiations between Grisha, playing the part of Russia, and “Donald Trump,” a member of the NATO faction, are finally concluded at the end of the stream.

According to a claim in Russian media, a 16-year-old girl named Grisha reportedly invented streaming at the Wagner headquarters. The mercenary group well received the concept. It remains to be seen or doubted whether Grisha’s strategies could be applied to the Russian military, which after decades of corruption and severe losses in Ukraine, is merely a shell of itself and lead to much-needed victories in Ukraine for the Kremlin.

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