Iran will host a state visit from Xi Jinping

Having gratefully accepted the invitation says. After Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s trip to Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping will make a state visit to Iran, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated on Thursday (February 16th). No date has currently been provided.

Iran had the most recent state visit from the Chinese president in January 2016. The declaration was made on the third and last day of Mr. Raisi’s visit, which was the first by an Iranian president to China in more than 20 years.

Political and economic partners, the two nations are under pressure from the West, primarily because of their stances on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. American sanctions against Iran are already in place because to its nuclear program.

The two nations declared on Thursday that the 2015 nuclear agreement’s provision to “ensure Iran’s economic benefits” was “a significant bread” and asked for the easing of American sanctions. They also demand the “full and effective application” of this accord, blaming the current voltages on “the unilateral withdrawal of the United States.”

“Cooperation” and “Solidarity”

One of the last significant nations to assist Russia diplomatically since the start of the Russian military operation at the end of February 2022 is Iran. Namely, Western nations accuse Tehran of supplying Moscow with weaponized drones that were used to attack Ukraine, a charge Tehran vigorously refutes.

President Xi Jinping commended the “solidarity” between China and Iran on Tuesday, saying that “Faced with the complicated circumstances brought on by the developments of the globe, periods, and history, China and Iran support each other, demonstrate their solidarity, and cooperate.”

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A lengthy 25-year strategic agreement between Beijing and Tehran was struck in 2021. This substantial relationship spans a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, communications, security, and energy.

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