Interior Minister Herrmann in Bavaria is committed to using new police software

Interior Minister Herrmann in Bavaria is committed to using new police software

A date has yet to be established, but the state administration intends to implement new analysis software for the Bavarian police as scheduled. The Ministry of the Interior highlighted Thursday in Munich following a ruling by the Karlsruhe judges that the Federal Constitutional Court believed automated data analysis to be feasible under constrained circumstances. The CSU’s interior minister Joachim Herrmann stated that a thorough analysis of the verdict would be conducted. The Police Tasks Act would be submitted to parliament as a legislative foundation (PAG).

One thing is evident after the Karlsruhe ruling: the police may employ software to analyze vast datasets to look for possible offenders, but the court set strict guidelines for its usage. These conditions must still be met by regulations in Hesse and Hamburg, which the Karlsruhe judges said were illegal. But, as Court President Stephan Harbarth noted when the decision was delivered, a constitutional design is feasible.

The computer searches through the numerous police databases to find links that investigators might otherwise never uncover. It could be utilized across the country. This should make it easier for the police to find potential offenders before they have a chance to commit a crime. With the American business Palantir, the Free State of Bavaria has reached a framework deal that will allow all other police forces to use its programme without going through additional procurement procedures.

Herrmann highlighted that it would be ensured that the programme could only be utilized per the guidelines established by the Federal Constitutional Court. Additionally, he guaranteed that the software would only be utilized on the police network, disconnected from the Internet. “Access from outside or leaking to external servers is thus ruled out,” the statement reads. Only highly chosen and specially qualified police professionals will be granted access authorization, he added. The fundamental requirements of the programme are the highest level of data security and optimum data protection.

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Now that the programme has been checked for potential backdoors, Herrmann declared that the state parliament would be informed on March 8 of the findings of the source code inspection by the Fraunhofer Institute SIT. The exam took more time than anticipated. Because Palantir got funding from the CIA as a start-up and later included the US foreign intelligence service among its clients, critics worry that the tool could divert data from the police. On Thursday, the state’s SPD legislature demanded that the programme be turned off.

According to SPD legal expert Horst Arnold, the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling “clearly puts a halt to the state government’s monitoring fantasies.”

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