In Maiori no consequences; in Montagna, there are 16 injured

A carnival float overturned in Montagna (Bolzano): 16 were injured, including a woman with fractures. Accident without injuries in Maiori (Salerno)

Two carnival floats overturned in two different municipalities. The events occurred at Maiori in the province of Salerno; it’s at Mountain in Bolzano—a lot of fear, but no injuries, in Maiori. In Montagna, however, 16 injuries were recorded, including a woman who suffered fractures.

Carnival cart overturns in Montagna.

The mountain is a town of 1,672 inhabitants in the province of Bozen. It was the closing stages of the carnival parade Saturday, 18 February. At around 19:00, after the parade, the allegorical floats moved towards a parking lot at the village gates.

At one point, a wagon overturned, causing confusion and fear. Think about the budget: 16 people were injured, including some children.

From 4 to 25 February, parades and masquerade shows will invade the streets and squares of our country: the whole program city by city.

Firefighters, a white cross, and a 112 helicopter attended the scene. Most of the injured were treated on the spot. 6 people were transported to the hospital: once the conditions had been detected, 4 has been assigned the green code and 2 the yellow code.

The person who has it worse is one 42-year-old woman who sustained a bone fracture pelvis. The lady was in the cart with her son, who was also hospitalized.

The parade of floats in Montagna has been suspended forever.

The local TG Rai reports that there would have been 40 people on the wagon. A Catholic association, the Familenverband, organized the event.

As reported by Rai, the organizers took one drastic decision: “Never again such parties in our country”.

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Maiori, the carnival wagon overturns.

Also, to Majors, an Italian town of 5,361 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, there were moments of fear: on the morning of Sunday, 19 February, an allegorical float overturned while it was passing along via Nuova Chiunzi.

Fortunately, unlike what happened in Montagna, there were no injuries.

The fact occurred just before 10:00 due to a “wrong maneuver”, as announced on Facebook by the organizers of the Gran Carnevale Maiorese.

The morning parade has been suspended. The party resumed regularly in the afternoon. As ‘Salerno Today’ writes, the wagon suffered irreparable damage in the accident, so it was withdrawn from the competition.


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