In Denmark, Storm “Otto” disrupts aviation travel

Throughout the weekend, the weather in Denmark and the UK will continue to be unpleasant. Storms create power disruptions in some homes and impede air travel.

Thousands of people in Great Britain lost power due to the storm “Otto,” which disrupted Denmark’s air operations.
According to Lars Lemche from Copenhagen Airport to the Danish news agency Ritzau, the storm with strong winds likely impacts takeoffs and landings throughout the weekend. Passengers will likely need to be patient.

Because to “Otto,” 7,600 households in Scotland were still without electricity on Saturday night. Trucks should provide food and beverages to the most severely affected neighbourhoods in the morning. On Friday, a tree toppled in Sheffield, a city in northern England, gravely injuring a man. Some 2,000 homes in southern Sweden were momentary without electricity, while “Otto” also uprooted trees in Denmark, forcing the temporary closure of railway lines.

Nonetheless, “wind-sensitive” cars can now travel on the bridges over the resund, which connects Denmark and Sweden, and the Great Belt, which connects the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand.

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