‘I’ll go deep on a downed ball, and talk to Xi,’ Usa, Biden says

'I'll go deep on a downed ball, and talk to Xi,' Usa, Biden says

How can US-China relations change after a spy balloon is shot down?
Beijing has expressed “strong dissatisfaction and protest” with US actions, while Washington has spoken of an “unacceptable violation”. It is not the first time balloons have been seen in the city.

There have already been three cases in American skies during the Trump administration. China has stated that it will resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of affected companies, reserving the right to take any additional necessary actions.’

A Chinese spy balloon also flew over the United States for a few days. He was spotted over Montana, and when he got to a safe place, the Atlantic, he was shot down on the orders of President Biden, who spoke of a “successful” coordinated action with Canada. He ordered the operation on Wednesday, but it had to wait for the balloon to reach and pass the coast. The impact of debris was indeed feared.

The scandal has the potential to deteriorate relations between the two countries.
The Chinese responded by claiming that the balloon had entered American airspace by accident and that it was there to conduct meteorological studies. As a result, Beijing “expresses its strong dissatisfaction and protests forcefully against the downing of its civilian unmanned airship,” according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

The American side insisted “nell’ use force Obviously overreacting e violating the international practice seriously” despite the lack of danger requirements and the established “civilian use of the airship”. China “will steadfastly protect the legitimate rights and interests of the companies involved, reserving the right to take any additional necessary actions.”

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