ESC 2023: Remo Forrer sings for Switzerland

Liverpool: Remo Forrer represents Switzerland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

Now it’s official: Remo Forrer from Hemberg SG travels to Liverpool for Switzerland for the Eurovision Song Contest. The largest music competition in the world will enter the 67th round in mid-May.

The guesswork is finally over: Remo Forrer will represent Switzerland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. The SRF announced this on Monday. “Nothing is bigger than the Eurovision Song Contest for a Swiss musician. For me, this is the Champions League of music and an unbelievable honour; the Toggenburger can be quoted in a message from the broadcaster. His anticipation is great: “The ESC is the biggest music event, and I find it incredibly inspiring to be in a place where all participants also share this passion for music.”

A 100-strong audience panel and a 20-strong international expert jury conducted the selection process. Musicians were previously able to submit their contributions for Swiss participation in the. It has yet to be determined which song he will start with. The track is scheduled to be unveiled on March 7th.

Remo Forrer is no stranger

The musician is not unknown. In 2020 he won the third season of the talent show “The Voice of Switzerland”. Since then, the trained sporting goods salesman has continued to hone his career as a singer and has released four singles. «Music means everything to me. It gives me strength and fills me with great satisfaction. It accompanies me throughout the day,” says Remo Forrer.

Switzerland sings in the first semi-final.

37 countries will compete in the largest music competition in the world. Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria have no Act this year. In 2021, Belarus was suspended from the ESC by the European Broadcasting Union, and Russia has also been excluded since the invasion of Ukraine. Every year, the Big Five – Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain – and the winning country – are automatically present at the ESC final on May 13th.

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All other countries have to qualify in the two semi-finals, which take place on May 9th and 11th. Switzerland is already in the first semi-final.

ESC-Motto lautet «United by Music»

Ukraine emerged as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. But due to the country’s war situation, Great Britain stepped in as host country and hosted the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

The BBC is working closely with representatives of the Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne to integrate Ukrainian elements into the show. According to the EBU, this year’s motto is “United by Music”. This is to demonstrate the partnership between the UK and Ukraine.

Marius Bear received zero points from the audience.

The expectations of Remo Forrer are high: After Switzerland took fourth place in 2019 with Luca Hännis “She Got Me”, and Gjon’s Tears took third place in 2021, last year’s candidate Marius Bear received a bitter zero from the audience with his song “Boys Do Cry”. Points. The musician from Appenzell was only 17th in the final.

Switzerland last won first place in 1988, when Céline Dion (53) received “12 points” from the majority of the participating countries and the jury for her performance with the song “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi”. The 33rd ESC occurred in the Simmonscourt Pavilion of the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin. Only one person had previously won the title for Switzerland: in 1956, Lys Assia took first place with the song “Refrain”.



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