Deflagration in Bützberg: pressure wave throws workers away

On Monday, there was a deflagration in an industrial plant in Bützberg, which belongs to the municipality of Thunstetten BE. When working on a fluidized bed plant, a pressure wave was generated that threw a worker away and injured him. Another man was also injured. This is what the cantonal police in Bern wrote in a media release on Monday afternoon.

A deflagration is a rapid combustion process – a slower explosion, so to speak – that causes a pressure wave.
According to Kapo, both injured were taken to the hospital by an ambulance team after first aid was provided on-site, and the building was evacuated as a precaution.

Several members of the Thunstetten-Bützberg and Langenthal fire brigades and specialists from the fire and explosion department of the Bern canton police and another ambulance team were on duty. It is unclear what caused the deflagration. Investigations into the cause have begun.



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