Concerns about a potential conflict escalation, Ukraine, Bisceglia (formerly Occar)

Concerns about a potential conflict escalation, Ukraine, Bisceglia (formerly Occar)

“Volodomyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has requested the delivery of fighter aircraft. I doubt that Europe has come to a consensus on the matter “. Admiral Matteo Bisceglia, who was until January of last year the director of Occar, the European organization for cooperation in the field of weaponry, told Adnkronos that he was concerned “about a possible escalation of the conflict.”

“The position of the United Kingdom, for instance, is not clearly stated in the most recent statements, despite plans to train Ukrainian pilots on aircraft already in their possession. He also points out that Germany’s chancellor recently hinted that Berlin would not supply fighter jets as part of the Berlin agreement on the shipment of tanks in order to prevent further military escalation. I share the fear of any European citizen for a potential escalation of the conflict, but I am confident that any decision to send fighter jets to Ukraine would have been the result of a technical-political analysis “.

Europe is of the Zelensky line. “From the start of hostilities, has shown collective resolve and unity of purpose and loudly condemned Russian aggression. This has come about as a result of the implementation of sanctions against Russia and continued assistance provided to Ukraine in the form of weapon systems, as well as the introduction of initiatives that will ensure financial support and assistance for reconstruction, for managing the challenging energy situation, and for gaining access to markets “.

“This shared approach can, in my opinion, constitute a pillar on which to give further impetus to the much-desired Common European Defense, which cannot be supported solely on bilateral relations between the major European powers but requires unanimous sharing and active participation,” he adds. “This shared approach, in addition to demonstrating the unity of Europe.

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The previous OCCAR head claims that “Italy is cooperating with the other European nations and making a valuable contribution. The fact that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is frequently discussed at numerous international meetings at the highest levels of government and the Ministry of Defense attests to Italy’s steadfast commitment to actively participating in strategic decisions and confirms that Italy intends to maintain a leading position in security in the expanded Mediterranean “. ” I had the luxury of watching Italy’s participation in collaboration in the military sector from a privileged vantage point while serving as director of Occar, the international organization that I have the honor of leading until January 2023. Without a doubt, I can state that Italy has played, and I am confident it will continue to play, a key role in fostering collaboration in the defense sector. admiralty Bisceglia – Italy’s participation in important cooperative programs in Europe is evidence of this. I’m referring, for instance, to the Fremm program, one of the most ambitious naval programs in Europe, to Male Rpas, which will provide Europe with an Itar-free drone, and to Fsaf-Paams, which will provide the participating states with even more cutting-edge missiles following the recent signing of new contracts “.

The author writes, “In this scenario, I believe that Occar represents one of the most favorable contexts for stimulating effective cooperation to provide the states in Europe with the necessary capabilities in the defense sector. However, the path to achieving a common European defense is still long and tortuous, and it cannot disregard the strong political and industrial will to cooperate in this strategic sector.”

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