Biden in Kyiv: “Democracy resists”. Ukraine hopes for new weapons and fighter jets


“It’s something big, really big.” Thus, shortly after 10 in the morning, Ukrainian journalists commented on the images of a very long convoy of black SUVs whizzing through the streets of Kyiv amidst massive security measures. The more the excitement mounted, the more the word was passed around which areas of the city were fully armoured and which route was. About who the illustrious guest was. Initially, we thought of the US Foreign Secretary Antony Blink.

Joe Biden has taken everyone by surprise. He was expected in Warsaw tomorrow to give a crucial speech. Instead, he landed in Kyiv on a symbolic day. Today was the ninth anniversary of Piazza Maidanor, the popular revolt culminating in the pro-Russian government’s overthrow and the flight of premier Viktor Yanukovyč.

Joseph Biden, welcome to Kyiv! Your visit is an extremely important show of support for all Ukrainians,” the Ukrainian president immediately wrote on telegram, Volodymyr Zelenskyposting a photo where he shakes hands with Biden with the flags of Ukraine and the USA behind him.

And shortly after, the images of the American president in the sumptuous hall of the presidential palace. The one where Zelensky had received Il Sole 24 Ore and two other Italian newspapers for a long interview 18 hours earlier. «A year later, Kyiv resists. And Ukraine resists. Democracy resists,” Biden said, adding, “Putin thought he had the better of us, but he was wrong.’

Shortly before, while visiting the memorial to the fallen and then Mkhalivska square, the sirens sound. Biden does not get upset; the two leaders continue. Then the eagerly awaited joint press conference; “This visit brings us closer to victory,” Zelensky said, adding: “It is the most important visit in the entire history of relations between Ukraine and the United States.

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