At the Security Conference, Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris can’t ignore this suggestion. The US Vice President begins her statement at the Munich Security Conference a quarter of an hour late, saying, “Last year, I stood on this platform and warned that Russia was ready to invade Ukraine.” The fact that many people in the audience, including ministers, chiefs of state and government, experts, and journalists, did not want to believe the information coming from Washington and London is tactfully avoided by Harris.

Instead, Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, stressed that worries about a swift Ukrainian defeat and the dissolution of NATO had turned out to be incorrect. According to Harris, Kyiv is still Ukrainian, Russia is less powerful than ever, and the transatlantic alliance is stronger. Among other things, our moral obligation is to support Ukraine as much as we can. She continues by charging Russia with crimes against humanity—these flagrant transgressions of international law.

The 58-year-old claims, “We have analyzed the evidence, we are aware of the legal standards, and there is no doubt that these are crimes against humanity.” Before being more explicit, she refers to “far-reaching and systematic attacks on the civilian population.” Soldiers and mercenaries from Russia committed murder, torture, and rape. Children were among the hundreds of thousands of individuals who were forcibly transported from Ukraine to Russia.

Before entering politics, Harris served as a Democratic prosecutor in California. She says, “I say to everyone who committed these crimes and their superiors who are complicit in these crimes: they will be held accountable.” But the majority of the audience should be aware of this. Since Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate, her biography has been well-known, and since she won the election, her performances have been keenly watched.

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As vice president, Harris still needs to make an impression.

Of course, for them, the age-old adage that a Vice President is “only a heartbeat” away from the White House also holds. Since Biden will be 82 if elected again in November 2024, many voters would pay more attention to his running mate this time. Republicans will undoubtedly criticize Harris and suggest that he is unfit to lead the biggest superpower in the world.

Party companions inquire about Harris’ qualifications beyond being the first woman, African American, and person of Asian origin to hold this position. Harris still needs to solidify her position as Biden’s inevitable and uncontested successor. According to recent surveys, only 41.5% of Americans are content with it. Harris correctly praised the United States’ “decisive leadership” in aiding Ukraine in her speech, which is in no small part because of the expertise and stature of the transatlantic Biden.

Of course, Harris can gain notoriety by attending the security conference—he meets with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), French President Emmanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, among others. The fact that Joe Biden has different intentions means she speaks for the USA in Munich. He frequented the Bayerischer Hof while serving as a senator and Obama’s vice president. Yet, the US president favours giving his speech in Warsaw on the anniversary of Russia’s war on Ukraine. On Tuesday, this will be the situation. Although it was noted on both sides of the Atlantic that Biden is visiting Poland for the second time rather than Germany, Chancellor Scholz’s planned trip to Washington at the beginning of March is cited as proof of positive bilateral relations.

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The message to China is clear.

The Beijing government cautions Harris not to supply Russia with guns as part of its campaign against Ukraine. According to her, any actions taken in that direction by China would “reward aggressiveness, keep the killing going, and further undermine a rules-based order.” Washington is “worried” about Beijing’s recent strengthening of ties with Moscow. Harris says US assistance for Ukraine will last “for as long as necessary.” She observes many Ukrainian flags flying in front of homes and businesses when she travels through the States. Her point was that support for Ukraine is widely accepted in American culture.

Harris leads a prominent US delegation that includes numerous officials and members of the US Congress. Never before have there been as many senators and members of parliament at a security conference as there were in 2023. With Harris, she also talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell (SPD). – a display of objectivity that, regrettably, is no longer common in Washington.

A leading Republican promises to back Ukraine

Particularly in Munich, McConnell wants to convey an important message. “The leadership of the Republican faction favors a powerful transatlantic alliance. We are devoted to assisting Ukraine “At a panel discussion on Friday night, he said. The 80-year-old is attempting to ease worries that support for Kyiv may decline with a House of Representatives controlled by conservatives. Look at the leading Republicans instead of Twitter, McConnell advised.

McConnell’s conversation with cable news outlet Fox News may have been much more significant than his remarks in Munich. Before he went, he urged the American people to recognize “that nothing in the world was more essential than defeating the Russians in Ukraine” on their favourite radio station in the US. Republicans and Democrats shouldn’t debate over that. In her address, Harris also underscored the nonpartisan support for Kyiv. The US has already given Ukraine $113 billion in military, economic, and development aid.

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