According to his doctor, Joe Biden is “in good health” and “fit” to carry out his responsibilities


Various tests, including “an extensive neurological evaluation,” have been performed on the oldest President in American history.

According to the doctor’s assessment, which the White House made public on Thursday, February 16, US President Joe Biden is 80 and “in good health,” “vigorous,” and “apte” to do his duties. The doctor mentioned that a “lesion” was taken out of the President’s chest and will be biopsied after performing several tests, including “an extraordinarily extensive neurological evaluation.”

The doctor explained that Joseph Biden, the oldest President in American history, only has three minor illnesses being treated with prescription medication. So, the democrat receives therapy for allergies, high blood cholesterol levels, “non-valvular atrial fibrillation,” a heart problem that is “stable” following medication, and other conditions.

Exercise five times a week

Also, the doctor ensures that two issues—a stiff gait and a persistent cough associated with gastroesophageal reflux—identified during the most recent checkup in November 2021 are now «stables». The President of the United States is 1m83 tall and weighs 81 kilograms. He wears contact lenses, does not smoke or drink, and participates in athletics five times per week. We were looking forward to this material. Despite unimpressive surveys, Joe Biden has been saying for some time that he has “intention” to run for President and may confront his predecessor Donald Trump, who has declared his candidacy. Yet he recently reassured me that he had not made a “definitive” decision.

The Democrat had previously consented to a thorough test as of November 19, 2021, since he also wanted to set himself apart from the outgoing Republican President by being open about his health. On that particular day, Joseph Biden had a colonoscopy under general anaesthesia. He had handed over his authority to Vice President Kamala Harris for an hour and twenty-five minutes, making her the first woman in American history to wield the office of President briefly. According to the White House, there was no need to repeat the exam this year because it was regular.

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A common attack strategy

Since having brain surgery in 1988, Joe Biden has not experienced severe health issues. He tested positive for Covid-19 in July of last year despite not displaying any severe signs or symptoms of the illness. Long. The US president has demonstrated a stamina that defies his advanced age by juggling trips and public appearances. Yet, the Republican opposition frequently criticizes him for his age. Given some of his bewildered moments and slurred speech, some of the President’s detractors even promised he would lose his mind.

Republican candidate for 2024, Nikki Haley, 51, called for cerebral aptitude testing for all elected officials over 75 on Wednesday. The 76-year-old Donald Trump, whom she challenges with her campaign, would also fall under this. The former UN ambassador wants to take advantage of the electorate in America’s desire for regeneration. Polls show that public opinion does not favour a potential Trump administration over a second term for Vice President Biden. If he does, Joe Biden will have to deal with his office’s obligations and the challenges of an electoral campaign. He typically uses jokes like this pirouette when asked his age thus far: “See me at work!”

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