According to Emmanuel Macron, Russian “aggression” in Ukraine must “fail”

Due to “hostile intents of other states,” Kremlin foes were forbidden from the Baftas.

Christo Grozev, the Kremlin-disliked executive director of the Bellingcat investigative website, claimed today that the British police stopped him from attending the British cinema ceremony due to the risks associated with his attendance.

Grozev expressed his amazement on Twitter Christo that he and his family had been “forbidden” by British police from attending the Baftas on Sunday, where the Navalny documentary, which was about a Vladimir Putin foe who was imprisoned after being poisoned, was included. The journalist claims that “We represent a risk to public safety” is the cause.

While declining to comment on a specific person’s safety or the advice offered to him, London police noted that “the fact that certain journalists have to face the hostile intentions of foreign powers while in the UK is a reality that concerns us.” “We are determined to collaborating with our intelligence partners to look into these risks and to take additional steps to protect individuals who are at risk.” In a statement, Scotland Yard stated.

In addition, London Police emphasise that they cannot forbid anyone from attending a “private event” who works for the event’s organisers, acknowledging that following his advice may force the event’s organisers to “make difficult decisions when deciding how to reduce the security risks of their event.”
The Baftas stated, “We always prioritise the safety of all our attendees and workers at the ceremony, and we have robust and proper safety precautions in place every year.

Christo Grozev, 53, on Russia’s list of wanted individuals, highlighted the threats facing journalists, not just from “murderous tyrants,” but also from the “civilised world they are trying to serve,” where their voices are drowned out rather than magnified.

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The Bellingcat website, situated in the Netherlands and founded in July 2014 by a British blogger named Eliot Higgins, specialises in journalism based on data analysis that is publicly available online. The site specifically looked into the 2014 tragedy of flight MH17, which claimed the lives of 298 people in eastern Ukraine, and the alleged role of Russian intelligence in the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal on British territory.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has recently been the Bellingcat team’s top concern. Bellingcat was recently labelled a threat by Russia, which deemed the group “undesirable” on its soil. The investigator for Moscow, Mr Grozev, described it to AFP Bellingcat in September as “The Kremlin’s Worst Nightmare.”

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