Uniform Cyber Security Standards General Knowledge Questions Today


  1. What is the primary objective of the draft proposal introduced by MoRTH?

    • A) Enhance vehicle performance
    • B) Introduce new vehicle models
    • C) Safeguard vehicles from cyber threats*
    • D) Reduce fuel consumption
  2. Which committee played a role in formulating the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) mentioned in the draft?

    • A) Ministry of Finance
    • B) Environmental Protection Agency
    • C) Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC)*
    • D) Cybersecurity Task Force
  3. What is the focus of the proposed Automotive Industry Standard (AIS)?

    • A) Vehicle aesthetics
    • B) Fuel efficiency
    • C) Integration of Cyber Security and Management Systems (CSMS)*
    • D) Traffic management
  4. According to the draft, who needs to submit applications for approval of vehicle types concerning cyber security?

    • A) General public
    • B) Vehicle users
    • C) Vehicle manufacturers or their accredited representatives*
    • D) Cybersecurity experts
  5. How does the proposed standard handle existing legislation related to vehicle data access and privacy?

    • A) Overrides all existing standards
    • B) Respects national and regional privacy laws*
    • C) Eliminates regional legislations
    • D) Introduces new privacy laws
  6. What is the role of vehicle manufacturers according to the proposed standards?

    • A) Only focus on vehicle aesthetics
    • B) Implement measures for fuel efficiency
    • C) Implement measures for cybersecurity and secure aftermarket environments on vehicles*
    • D) Only focus on vehicle performance
  7. What does CSMS stand for, as defined in the draft?

    • A) Cyber Security Management Standards
    • B) Car Safety Measurement System
    • C) Cyber Security and Management Systems*
    • D) Committee for Standard Motor Systems
  8. What does cybersecurity, as per the draft, specifically target in road vehicles?

    • A) Vehicle speed control
    • B) Protection of personal data
    • C) Safeguarding electronic components from cyber threats*
    • D) Traffic congestion management
  9. In which month did the Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) have its 66th meeting, as mentioned in the draft?

    • A) June
    • B) July*
    • C) August
    • D) September
  10. According to the draft, what does CSMS refer to in the context of road vehicles?

    • A) Car Safety Management System
    • B) Cyber Security Measurement Standards
    • C) Cyber Security and Management Systems*
    • D) Committee for Systematic Motor Security
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