South Asia Climate Change General Knowledge Questions Today


  1. What region is identified by the United Nations as having the highest number of children struggling with severe water scarcity due to climate change?

    A) North America
    B) South Asia
    C) Europe
    D) Sub-Saharan Africa
    Correct Answer: B

  2. How many children under the age of 18 in South Asia are exposed to high or extremely high water scarcity, according to the UN report?

    A) 100 million
    B) 250 million
    C) 347 million
    D) 500 million
    Correct Answer: C

  3. Which of the following countries is NOT part of the eight-nation South Asian region mentioned in the lecture?

    A) China
    B) India
    C) Maldives
    D) Brazil
    Correct Answer: A

  4. What role does climate change play in exacerbating the water crisis in South Asia?

    A) Stabilizing weather patterns
    B) Decreasing rainfall
    C) Improving water availability
    D) Enhancing aquifer replenishment
    Correct Answer: B

  5. What are some factors contributing to water scarcity in South Asia, as highlighted by the UNICEF report?

    A) Abundant water supply
    B) Adequate water quality
    C) Over-pumping of aquifers
    D) Stable weather patterns
    Correct Answer: C

  6. In addition to individual households, what else is impacted by water scarcity in South Asia?

    A) Transportation systems
    B) Entertainment facilities
    C) Health centers and schools
    D) Shopping malls
    Correct Answer: C

  7. What is expected to worsen the situation for children in South Asia, according to the lecture?

    A) Decreasing water scarcity
    B) Stable climate patterns
    C) Predictable rainfall
    D) Increasing unpredictability of the climate
    Correct Answer: D

  8. Despite the challenges, what positive development did UNICEF note in the lecture regarding water services in South Asia?

    A) Decrease in efforts to expand water services
    B) Halving the number of children lacking access to basic drinking water services by 2030
    C) Increase in water mismanagement practices
    D) Stagnation in improving water availability
    Correct Answer: B

  9. What is one of the mismanagement practices contributing to water scarcity in South Asia?

    A) Conserving water resources
    B) Over-pumping of aquifers
    C) Adequate water supply
    D) Decreasing water quality
    Correct Answer: B

By which year is the number of children lacking access to basic drinking water services expected to be halved, according to UNICEF?
A) 2025

B) 2030
C) 2040
D) 2050
Correct Answer: B

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