GK UNICEF releases The Climate-Changed Child: A Children’s Climate Risk Index Supplement report

What is the focus of UNICEF's report, "The Climate-Changed Child: A Children’s Climate Risk Index Supplement"?

A. Global Economic Trends
B. Children's Education Crisis
C. Children's Climate Risk
D. Adult Health and Well-being
Correct Answer: C

Which two components form the basis of UNICEF's Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI)?

A. Air Quality and Temperature
B. Water Scarcity and Water Vulnerability
C. Food Security and Economic Stability
D. Political Stability and Social Equality
Correct Answer: B

According to the report, what contributes to water vulnerability for children?

A. Overabundance of Water
B. Lack of Access to Drinking Water Service
C. Water Quality Improvement
D. Efficient Water Distribution
Correct Answer: B

Which countries had the highest overall child exposure to high or extremely high-water vulnerability, according to the report?

A. Canada, Brazil, China
B. India, Niger, Eritrea
C. USA, Australia, Russia
D. France, Germany, Italy
Correct Answer: B

Why are infants mentioned as vulnerable in the context of climate change?

A. Lack of Proper Healthcare
B. Inability to Regulate Body Temperature
C. Genetic Predisposition
D. Insufficient Nutrition
Correct Answer: B

What impact does climate change have on childhood diseases, according to the report?

A. Reduction in Disease Spread
B. No Significant Impact
C. Increased Spread Due to Climate Change
D. Improved Disease Management
Correct Answer: C

How does climate change affect child malnutrition, as mentioned in the report?

A. Increases Access to Nutrient-rich Foods
B. Decreases Crop Failures
C. Exacerbates Through Crop Failures and Rising Food Prices
D. No Impact on Child Nutrition
Correct Answer: C

What is the annual impact of increased disasters on children's education, according to the report?

A. 10 Million
B. 20 Million
C. 30 Million
D. 40 Million
Correct Answer: D

In the recommendations, what is suggested to be included in the Global Goal for Adaptation?

A. Climate-Resilient Essential Services
B. Economic Growth Initiatives
C. Military Preparedness
D. Technological Advancements
Correct Answer: A

What is proposed to make the Loss and Damage Fund child-responsive, according to the report's recommendations?

A. Increased Funding for Adults
B. Strict Regulations for Industries
C. Child-Responsive Measures
D. Ignoring Child-Specific Initiatives
Correct Answer: C

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