GK Centre suggested States to implement Model Prisons and Correctional Services Act, 2023

What is the primary purpose of the Model Prisons and Correctional Services Act, 2023?

a. To replace the Transfer of Prisoners Act (1950)
b. To address issues related to prison administration comprehensively*
c. To establish independent self-sufficient prisons
d. To assimilate provisions of the Prisons Act (1894)

Which legislation does the Model Act replace?
a. Prisons Act (1894) and Prisoners Act (1900)
b. Transfer of Prisoners Act (1950) and Prisons Act (1894)
c. Prisoners Act (1900) and Transfer of Prisoners Act (1950)
d. Only Transfer of Prisoners Act (1950)*

What is a key feature of a High Security Prison under the Model Act?
a. Inclusion of all categories of prisoners
b. Integration with the Interoperable Criminal Justice System
c. Independent self-sufficient prison with strengthened security systems*
d. Establishment of a staff welfare wing

What does the Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Services do?
a. Manage individual prisons independently
b. Implement prison policies and coordinate various prisons and correctional services*
c. Replace the Prisons Act (1894)
d. Provide health care facilities to prisoners

What are the broad categories of prisoners mentioned in the Model Act?
a. Convicted, Detenues, Habitual Offenders, Recidivists
b. Civil, Criminal, Convicted, Undertrial, Detenues, Habitual Offenders, Recidivists*
c. Criminal, Detenues, Staff, Recidivists
d. Undertrial, Habitual Offenders, Staff, Civil

What is the purpose of segregate accommodation under the Model Act?
a. To isolate dangerous prisoners
b. To attend to the special needs of women and transgender prisoners*
c. To enhance security in prisons
d. To establish independent court complexes

Who establishes the Staff Welfare Wing under the Model Act?
a. Government
b. Head of Prisons and Correctional Services*
c. High Security Prisons
d. Directorate of Prisons

How does the Model Act propose to use technology in prison administration?
a. Establishing independent self-sufficient prisons
b. Computerizing the entire prison administration and integrating the database with the Interoperable Criminal Justice System*
c. Introducing electronic tracking devices for prisoners
d. Replacing old prison legislation

When are electronic tracking devices used according to the Model Act?
a. For all prisoners
b. Only for gangsters and hardened criminals
c. For prisoners who are granted leave*
d. In High Security Prisons

What recent initiative by Jammu and Kashmir police aligns with the use of electronic tracking devices mentioned in the Model Act?
a. Introduction of independent court complexes
b. Establishment of a Staff Welfare Wing
c. Introduction of GPS tracker anklet for monitoring a terror accused out on bail*
d. Implementation of gender-responsive health care facilities.

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